Z czasem śnieg coraz to bardziej denerwuje, zamiast bycia przyjemnym akcentem zimy staje się dużą zmorą. Wczoraj coś mi się porobiło z czytnikiem. Nie można było nic usuwać, ani przegrywać na kartę. Próbowałem pomocy na forum lecz nic konkretnego nie usłyszałem. Z braku ciekawej tematyki zaczynam fotografować gałązki... dajcie mi już lato !

Edit: Czytnik miał spięcie i wyłącza komputery po włożeniu do portu USB ;d



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I would like to clarify some thnigs for those of you who are students trying to learn how to be an entrepreneur and for those of you running companies in the corporate sector. I must say that in my experience, there is a HUGE difference in owning a business, running a business, learning about running a business and being an entrepreneur. Can you learn it? I don't think so.It takes a special type of individual that can make the impossible happen. learn from his or her mistakes and grow from them. Also, if you are becoming an entrepreneur just to be your own boss. you may find that you are in it for the wrong reasons. I make mistakes DAILY. I'm not in this for my ego or to prove anything. I have a natural talent that allows me to work out problems and grow from them. Many businesses fail because people give up in the face of adversity. No is not possible and neither is can't. I will also add that there is NOTHING glamorous about this as it requires due diligence and LOTS of common sense and follow through. These are skills lacking in common society.I'd like to also mention that I've hired (2) Columbia grads in the past and I had to learn the hardway from this that an education and good grades DON'T make you a likely candidate for running your own business, (or someone else's for that matter).Corporate people and students follow the script. An entrepreneur does not (and usually will not). He or She does not understand the word NO or CAN'T. This is the main difference as they think outside of the box and are not limited to one.Creative thinking versus Linear. Pure and SimpleHe or She creates the plan where one does not exist.

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